RICCAP partners are mainly reserachers with a clear sensitivity and commitment for community media, alternative media outlets and overall the Third Sector of communication.

There are two ways to join RICCAP:

1. As a collaborator.
You can participate in all Riccap’s activities , receive information through e-mail, make donations or collaborate on the dot in projects developed by the association.
Send an email to with your personal details and a brief profile containing your training and the topics related to Riccap in which you would like to get involved.

2. As a member or associate.
In case you want to participate more actively, you can apply to become a member of Riccap, which implies:

  • First-hand participation in the activities and projects organized by RICCAP.
  • First-hand participation in official meetings and assemblies.
  • Payment of an annual fee (€ 20).

Send an email to with the following information:

  • Academic curriculum.
  • Letter of intention.
  • Topics you are interested in.

Admission of new members is effected once a year, coinciding with the Annual Meeting of Riccap (around April/May).

RICCAP admits new members as long as:

  • They previously maintained a trustworthy relationship with the network or any of its members.
  • They demonstrate an active commitment by participating in RICCAP Assemblies and meetings, as well as giving support and carrying out collaboration tasks for the network.

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