RICCAP is the first Spanish Research network on Community, Alternative and Participatory Communication. Its main objective is to promote a critical and committed research regarding citizen participation in the media system and the right to communication. In addition to disseminating and raising awareness about the Third Sector of Communication, we support alternative media expressions and are open to exchange knowledge with other associations, networks and research groups, as well as people interested in the subject. We are a young research team, with members from different parts of the state whose purposes could be summarized in.

  • The promotion of research on the Third Sector of Communication and on communication processes and practices that enhance citizen participation and pursue goals of social and ecological change and justice, among others: community and citizen media, educational / university media, cooperative media , mediactivism and cyberactivism, etc.
  • Education and awareness about the Third Sector of Communication and its different manifestations in education, media literacy, culture and artistic expression.
  • Mobilization for the generation of public policies that recognize and promote participatory and supportive practices in the field of communication.
  • Support for communication initiatives with a participatory and transforming component, as well as critical citizen expressions with respect to conventional public-governmental or private-commercial media.
  • The promotion and defense of human rights, democratic principles and social and ecological justice, with special emphasis on the Right to Communication and the Right to Participation of organized or unorganized citizenship.
  • The exchange of knowledge at national and international levels with other associations, movements, networks and related research groups.
  • The promotion of actions and processes of cooperation and development in order to promote research, action and policies in the field of participatory and citizen communication.
  • Promotion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the empowerment of citizens.

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